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About us

We are a consultancy company expert on optimization of supply chain processes. We accompany our clients in the whole process: from conceptual engineering, through the strategy planning and implementation in order to obtain expected results.


We offer customized solutions for each kind of industry:

  • Mining
  • Energy – Oil & Gas
  • Transport and logistics
  • Massive consume – Retail
  • Infrastructure – Building


We create the value that our clients need in their supply chain, by providing innovative and high impact solutions with personalized attention, expert, qualified with the best relation regarding price and benefit, what makes us the best consultancy company in the market.


To be the model in the market as a boutique consultancy company for its service perspective, its assistant staff and for leading successfully important projects of improvement in the processes of the supply chain in the main industries in Chile and Latin America.

The Brand

Do Better is doing it better, being better. It reflects the excellence value to obtain the expected results and, at the same time, emphasizes the human component that allows us to be closer to our clients in order to create unique experiences, inspire them and motivate them. The logotype projects our main attribute. The permanent accompanying and the closeness is what characterize us.

Our Principles

We count on a set of values and beliefs that aims and moulds the identity and image of Do Better. The following principles provide support to our mission, vision and business strategy.


We accompany our clients and collaborators in every stage of the different projects which we design with the passion that characterizes us.

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We adapt to the speed in which background changes occur. We reinvent each time the circumstances require us to do it in order to offer various alternatives that guarantee the achievement of the objectives


We combine the best of professionalism and knowledge of our personnel with the constant evolution of the processes and job methodologies that we apply in the industries which makes our culture a distinguishing element.

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We conceptualize creative ideas and solutions, customized to each client needs. We incorporate technology in order to generate the impact that they require.

Results Oriented

We assume the challenges with special emphasis on the service, efficiency, profitability and achievements.

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Our video

This is the value offering that we provide you to optimize your processes.

Our Clients

Every time there are more and more companies from different sectors which trust Do Better job.

Our projects

You are just at one click to know how Do Better job has contributed to optimize several processes for our clients.In this selection, you will find different projects developed to various industries.

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Container market transportation release.
image description


Certification support SHTC
image description


Operations manual and distribution tender GNL
image description


Logistics market dangerous goods report
image description


Control center operations.
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Transportation Integral Platform
image description


Optimization of trip´s planning process
image description

Minera Los Pelambres

Logistics optimization and Central hold .
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Standard of operation generation

Ours Partners

We rely on strategic business partners who allow us to promote the services that we offer for the final outcome of our projects exceeds our clients’ expectations.


Do Better

Our consultant team counts on proved and solid experience, as well as high level of specialization in different markets, that allows them to offer customized solutions for each type of industries.

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D+B Team

The Do Better consultant is a highly required professional in the market for having high academic standard, technical knowledge and soft skills.


We count on certification in:



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